I help people leave a lasting, positive impression.

MasterAre you confident about the impact you have with people in every interaction?

Are you certain that people experience you as the great presence you are?

Do you want to ensure buy-in and alignment to your ideas every time you present?

Everyone needs to feel comfortable in their own skin and project a strong presence and command.  Especially in your high-stakes business interactions such as presenting, selling, running meetings and pitching.

Clients who work with me get a unique, tailored solution in the form of a repeatable process for success – one that helps leaders and emerging leaders:

  • become masterful communicators
  • be more persuasive
  • sell your ideas
  • get buy-in and alignment
  • build business through deepened relationships
  • close more deals faster

- by creating the most powerful presence and impression.  One that speaks of your value, trustworthiness, reliability and character.

I have created a duplicatable process that can be applied to any business situation.

By streamlining my extensive work in communication, improvisation and voice training, I help people to think on their feet and take calculated, high-yielding risks more readily by getting themselves heard.

A critical discipline in leadership is personal mastery. Mastering the art of communication helps you to be versatile, nimble and agile in building your teams and your business.

As seen in the Rembrandt painting here (taken at the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam) – we can shed light on – illuminate- our ability to build a most favorable impression and be influential – and with great confidence.

People are influenced by leaders who communicate authentically, connect easily with
people, and have immediate impact.

Let me show you how to with great confidence, conviction and ease.  

The distinct advantage with my approach is that it gets you further, faster.