Heading to the Big Stage


Every day, you Head to the Big Stage.  Your success relies upon how well you further your identity and your ideas through excellent communication. 

I coach people to generate exceptional outcomes through enhancing leadership and communication.

A critical discipline in leadership is personal mastery.

People are influenced by leaders who communicate authentically, connect easily with people, and have immediate impact.

Clients who work with me get a unique, tailored solution – one that helps leaders and emerging leaders:

  • become masterful communicators
  • form high-performing teams
  • listen more deeply
  • be more persuasive
  • sell your ideas
  • get buy-in and alignment
  • build more business through deepened relationships
  • have the deep conversation with stakeholders
  • close more deals faster

When a person or small groups of executives or leaders work within coaching or small group facilitated sessions, we together find the most advantageous solutions to drive your business forward.

This is done by promoting communication that positively engages with one another and your clients.

Every strategy is communication. The work focuses on the specific elements that create the most positive and sustainable behavior change.

And all mastery is physical mastery. 

Using somatic coaching approaches, all communication is fully embodied for greater impact.

Here is what clients say about what MGConsulting does:

“Martha provides her clients with leadership skills (from execs to new hires) to becoming strong communicators; better listeners; more strategic business people. She helps them to know what to do to achieve exceptional business outcomes and how to find great partnering through relationships.

Martha speaks to each person’s development needs.

She generates great outcomes and it’s impressive how she continually develops herself by immersing in learning and challenging herself to know more for the benefit of her clients.”

“Martha calmed me; she reminds me of my greatness. I firmly believe with her help, I got myself out of a difficult situation. Her impact on me 1:1 is from being a listener, having a great calming effect; making it safe for me to be vulnerable.

I trust in what she guides me to do. Now I believe in myself and I have great confidence. She always reminds me to find joy in the process. There is a reassurance and compassion. I can be vulnerable and come out stronger.  These are the words that I’d use: Transformation, empowerment, self – enabling

Every day, I’m winging it. I’m flying by the seat of my pants. Juggling. I have to improvise constantly. What people want is ease, confidence and grace. With her grace and influence, she brought out the very best energy in me to the surface. It is grace under fire.”

“Martha helps to clarify your message and to make your positive behaviors automatic.”

“Martha’s work and her techniques transcend both the professional and personal.  She individualizes programs to lead to execution, leadership and team development.  Her focus on essential skills trains from C Suite to entry-level.  All of the above is most critical at this time when cultures are having to blend “old guard” and millennials and we all need to evolve, communicate and empower for success.”

“Martha helped me increase my ability to make a strong positive impression on others by having me focus on the non-verbal aspects of my communication. She made me aware and conscious of my voice, breath, postural communication and focus and left me with tangible tools to maximize my impact.”


For more client’s comments on the work, visit http://bit.ly/1Nn6Mp2