“A voice without echo dies.” Create ‘a cello world’, a sounding board

cello playerThis Winter’s freezing, dreary weather has driven me to experience more art. Happily, I’ve had my fill of stunning museum exhibits. This past Sunday, it was music I sought out. I took myself to the Shubertiades by my friend, Emir Gamsizoglu, a pianist playing classical music at the intimate Caffe Vivaldi in Greenwich Village.  He played with Anastasia Golenishcheva, a cellist.

Emir reminded me that the cello is the instrument most like the human voice. Even though the cello has a larger range than any voice, of course.  It’s resonance is so pleasing to us. Many exclaim that the cello is their favorite instrument.

This also reminded me of the quote:  “A voice without echo dies.”

You can create “a cello world”, a sounding board with your voice, then when you speak, it comes back to you and resonates, enlarges…

And we are most aware of those who speak and clients assume absolute authority.  It’s because they resonate like the cello to hold attention and they get listened to.

Whether you are a market, company, division, project, or team leader – you must get yourself heard.  An authentic, strong, resonant and powerful voice is possible in everyone.

A ‘tiny’ voice and relaxation

Why might a presenter have a ‘tiny’ voice – a voice that seems to be very much at the top of the chest and appears to ‘shrink’ when they get up to present? – And how do you fix it?

It is Tension. The presenter must relax to remove tension – but usually cannot relax enough. The remedy is training and practice which gradually brings about sufficient confidence and, in its wake, enough relaxation.  That is the beginning of creating the “a cello world” voice.

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