Some Words about Training

In any field, gaining competitive advantage comes from acquiring mastery over your communication.

We find that when training is done in a safe and supportive small group setting, each individual has a greater chance for skills capture for noticeable results.

A “learn by doing” approach is used in all training which includes role-play, exercises and applications that are tailored to the specific business needs, imperatives and the needs of the individuals in the room.

Skills are benchmarked, feedback given, exercises performed and applications tailored to provide practice for lasting change.

Prior to any program, we learn from management about the business challenges. We conduct a pre-program call with every participant to learn about their specific objectives and goals. Based on this information all sessions are custom tailored to the needs of the business and each individual.

Role-play is videotaped as a useful tool for each person to become aware of their strengths – and any areas to improve and enhance. After each role-play, non-judgmental feedback is offered which provides awareness and affirmation for change.