A book recommendation: Breakthrough reached by reading this book

warofartDo you get a book recommended to you almost every day?  I do.

How is it humanly possible to keep up with all that reading?

There was one book recommended to me on a Monday and I read it by that Friday – and by reading it, I had an earth-shattering realization: I only have to do my best work.

That’s it. I can let go of all other distractions, inner voices, rejections, critics…

You see, this book is all about Resistance (notice the capital “R”). It comes in many forms and if we buy into it, it can be the “show stopper”.

Know the insidious nature of Resistance and how to resist it helped me to have the big, fat light bulb to go off. An Epiphany. What a relief.

Read The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Stephen Pressfield.

Hey, no spoilers here.  I highly recommend that you read it – NOW.

I’m doing something I never do – re-reading it.

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