Bring Back Balance

imagesCAG8UH39Sometimes there is an area in your company that’s off kilter.  What does it cost you to not fix it?  Does it even become dire?

It’s like the three legged stool and one of its legs is slightly shorter than the other two.  It leaves you off balance, it clunks, and it’s unstable.  And you keep saying “Geez, I gotta get that stool fixed.”  It’s not only annoying or time consuming; it might be dangerous if you stood up on it.

Then it gets dire.

Sure, you could try a shim but then the stool is less mobile – less facile when need to move it. You have to pick up the shim and reposition it. Take more time to get it in balance.

Why not fix the broken leg?  Re-fashion a new one.

That’s what a turnaround does. It takes a look at where the instability in the group is, and stabilizes it.

Let’s go from merely surviving to thriving.