On Camera Class for Women in Business – June 23, 2017 Manhattan

Join a team of professionals who will help you find full comfort, confidence and ease when the camera is on.




The power of Video is undisputed.  It’s a form of communication now and for the future.  Video is used internally to connect teams and drive collaboration.  It is used online to connect you with clients and prospects. Social media presence is more and more livestream and video.

Many senior women are clearly powerful and highly adept at their business and yet when the video camera is turned on them, they are given pause.

This is a hands-on program that has you work inside a studio with a director/producer, camera, sound and lighting persons to get familiar and comfortable with this technology and the circumstances around it. Understand the process and learn the language to have you gain more control over this process.

In addition to the production staff who will walk you through the process, there is:

A photographer/personal stylist who specializes in bringing out your personality on camera

I will coach you in the Presence and Impact practice that will have you stay present, powerful, grounded and centered with powerful postural communication during your filming. Voice coaching is offered if needed.

An acting teacher once said to me “you need to be a good ‘actor’ and your own director so that you can run your show.”

Come prepared with up to a short 5-minute interview.  Each person will have 20 minutes individual practice with the director, cameraperson, lighting and sound.

We need a minimum of 10 women to offer this class.

Fees include studio, technology, equipment, experts:  $800

Register here:  http://conta.cc/2s05G2P

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