Client Success Story

Leading Global Company Seeks to Drive Growth through Innovation

A global Pharma company identifies business Innovation as having the potential to be its next greatest discovery—providing a new way to drive growth to create a more sustainable business model. The Innovation program‘s success was predicated on increasing employee engagement as the key factor in realizing its business goals.

The worldwide Innovation team was called upon to inspire and motivate its business leaders and colleagues to actively engage in the program.  The senior team’s imperative was that the Innovation leaders gain the necessary buy-in to achieve active engagement and commitment.

A customized Presence and Impact program was delivered specific to the needs expressed above as well as the needs of each member of the team participating in the training. The solution included a personal assessment, followed by an experiential workshop that applied business communication models along with theatre and performance practices and learning for excellent results.

The Innovation leaders were now able to present their exciting new model with great presence, impact, ease and confidence. This highly interactive program successfully developed their skills required to drive employee engagement.


The client reported positive results that their colleagues from around the globe engaged and participated in the newly launched program at unexpected rates and to great achievement.

Continuing on, one-on-one coaching is delivered as a way to sustain and grow the skills learned in the workshop.

“It was clear Martha understood our business imperatives and each individual’s challenges and goals. The work was customized to our express needs. I took away tools to apply in my business to get the results I needed right away.

Martha brings her expertise and energy that makes this program unsurpassed. She knows what you need and how to get you there. Working with her has changed the way I communicate and build relationships…it has changed the way I do business.

The work took me and my practices way beyond what other programs have offered. This caliber of training is rare”.

– Sr. Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company