Clients’ Comments about the Improvisation Work

“Martha managed to give us concrete illustrations of how powerful improvisation techniques are useful in a business setting”.

“Thank you for a terrific experience during the seminar on Friday. It was not only interesting to meet new people and to participate in the enlightening “games,” it was fun, too!  I hope that we have an opportunity to work together in the future on client pursuits. I am told you are a fine orals coach…and the seminar on Friday was a clear validation.”

“I found the program to be incredibly enlightening, especially the walking exercise where you keep multiple people in your sight at all times.  So transferable to the business world!  I have already implemented the connecting thru eye contact for one thought during a presentation that I delivered yesterday.  I truly enjoyed and grew from the experience!”

“I had a great time on Friday – I echo the others and thought that the “give and take” exercise was fantastic, as well as the first/second/third circle energy exercise.  It’s easy to forget that everyone is human, and that’s the most important thing to remember when it comes to making presentations or conducting meetings.”

“In addition to some very worthwhile fundamental reminders, it was such a great group of people.  I appreciated the simplicity of the exercises– their ability to focus one’s attention on how one is presenting oneself and reacting to others – it can be easy to lose sight of being yourself and reacting to others in a way that is consistently positive during the course of a normal busy day.”

“The “yes and’ exercises reminded me of something I’d read in one of the more valuable ‘managerial type books’ I’ve read.  Are you familiar with ‘The Art of Possibility’ by Zander & Zander?  More than most books like this, I think this one spoke to me because one of the authors is a musician. ‘Yes and…’ reminded me of that books technique of ‘giving an A.’”

“I just completed my third training with Martha Gelnaw and each session builds on one another. The classes are motivational, fun and highly educational and seem to get better each time! Martha is an experienced professional that has help me both professionally and personally. I am a big fan of the Improvisation session because I believe that every sales call is an improvisation. “Feeling my Feet” and “Being in the Moment” are two skills learned in the training that could be implemented immediately.”