Collaboration Masterclass – Workshop March 24, 2017 in NYC







Facilitating Successful Team Outcomes

Today we are expected to produce outcomes interacting with other people on a team.  Actions and results are shaped in these interactions.  Yet, many of us have been single contributors or hard at work researchers or creators. Now what?  When we are told, “work as a team” it can confuse us.  How?

In this workshop, we offer skills to increase your capacity to work successfully in collaboration with others on a team to achieve greater business success.

No matter how fervent we are about the desire for working in cooperation and collaborating with our team, this can be undermined by the boundaries between people.

What does it cost us, our project and our business when our teams aren’t working well together?

It’s rare that we’re taught how to work in a team. How does one live and breathe teamwork? How do you encourage a subtle and true sense of team that is stronger than the inevitable conflicts and differences that arise when working closely with other people?

What are those positive and effective behaviors of the high-performing team?

Successful gold-standard teams collaborate by seamlessly working in concert. Let’s explore those positive and effective behaviors of those who are on high-performing teams.

In this interactive workshop, increase your capacity to work successfully in collaboration with others on a team to influence greater business success. We will investigate our relationships to ourselves, each other and our sense of collaboration.

Exercises that hone skills of collaboration and influence—i.e. how to “shape” a team for maximum desired impact are used. They address active listening and suspending judgment that build skills to change the course of our team outcomes.

We incorporate the work of embodied leadership and presence, this dynamic and active workshop will provide participants real live opportunities to work together toward a goal – and with all the necessary skills to succeed.

Who is this work for? Individuals or teams who want to increase and enhance their capacity to successfully work in collaboration with others on a team in order to capture exceptional business results and outcomes.

Outcomes: In this 3-hour workshopparticipants will walk away with a better ability to:

  • Understand their responsibility to make a team work
  • Demonstrate leadership skills to influence and enhance collaboration
  • Find deeper listening and communication skills
  • Collaborate to effect positive results

When:  March 24, 2017 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Where: Primary Stages, 307 West 38th Street, New York, NY; Suite 1510, Studio A

Cost:      $150.00* per person                                  (*Note: this is a special pricing)

Register:                          Space is limited.

Contact Martha Gelnaw at for any questions.

Note: Tailored workshops are available onsite at firms.

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