Evoke your Inner “Rock Star” – Learn from The Boss

coolI’m preparing to run a session called Own the Room.

People who want to stand and connect authentically to their audience can join me.

It has me reflect on the clients I work with that are serious “rock stars” in their roles, in their firms and in their fields.  Yet they step back from owning their magnificence, their rock star status – and to owning the room.

That “step back” shows up in their physicality. Shortening of their posture, or a fading of the voice – pulled back that it’s difficult to hear, a narrowed stance – and fleeting eye contact.  This all reads as dis-connection to their audience. They can lose the interest of the people. Some are lauded as the ‘rock star’ yet struggle to get that one last promotion they want – to the top.


And then there’s Springsteen. Bruce. The Boss.

Who tells us:

“Love what you do/ be one with the music/ be one with the audience/ tell the story”


He brings his Passion into everything he does.  And why not us? How can we show up with our passion, show that we love what we do and share that?  It will read as heart-felt, powerful, present and connected to your audience.  They will be more enthusiastic about your ideas as a result – and see you for the Rock Star you are.

Here’s how to get into your groove:

  1. Stand Tall
  2. Love what you do
  3. Know what your audience likes
  4. Lead with the heart
  5. Show your love of what you do – because if you don’t show it, we don’t know it.
  6. Sing the meaning of the song – that is, don’t get hung up on the words – bring out the gist, the feeling.
  7. And have fun

Own the Room.