You Know an Expert When You See One

Vinho-Verde-2Back in early December, I had the privilege of working with a global brand strategy company in the Netherlands and in Lisbon, Portugal on their communication mastery as it relates to them building business through creating better relationships with their clients.

In Portugal, my clients encouraged me to bring home bottles of their amazing wine and olive oil.  One of them, before going to dinner in Lisbon one night, offered to accompany me to a store to select my purchases.  And thank goodness she is fluent in Portuguese, as I am not.

We went to the El Corte Ingles department store (think Harrods) where they have an incredible food hall.  After making our way to the extensive wine department, I needed help.  Being I could only carry two bottles home with me, I wanted to choose wisely.  A red and their celebrated Vinho Verde white.

I proceeded to ask a woman in the department for her help.  I was stunned. Mesmerized.  She launches into her recommendations directing us from shelf to shelf, case to case.  Here was an expert!  She was speaking in Portuguese but I instantaneously knew her to be the expert.  How?

  • Her stance was tall and grounded
  • Her posture open
  • Her facial expressions bright and certain
  • Her gestures emphatic
  • Her voice filled with passion and yet with an unquestionable conviction
  • She spoke with the pace of complete assuredness
  • She spoke in the affirmative
  • Her knowledge was unstoppable.
  • She was direct

“Now, here is the absolute embodiment of an expert!” – I said to my client colleague.  It was the perfect example. I only wish that I could have video recorded it.

It was undeniable. It didn’t have to be in my language for me to comprehend that here is an Expert.  It was unforgettable.

I keep this in mind when I speak about my business as I am completely passionate and knowledgeable about it.

And as I am famous for saying:  “If we don’t show it, they don’t know it.”

I left the shop loaded down with a great choice of wine, four bottles of olive oil and some sheep’s cheese. Great. Now how will I ever get this all in my suitcase?

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