Free Your Natural Voice

Voice sound waveThe sound and availability and focus of our voice really matters in the crucial points of our lives. We hope for a Voice that will touch with care and that is direct, clear, free and connected.

Here’s the deal. You are regarded as a highly effective leader and one of the most brilliant people in your field. Your personality is unique and people take to you quickly. You get it done. You are well liked and well-respected as a change agent in a new and seemingly difficult environment. The breath of fresh air in your culture. Unfortunately, often people form impressions quickly and many can be judging you unfairly before they even know how incredibly successful that you are. It’s human nature and perceptions are made, sometimes unfairly and potentially when it comes to promotion.

The tight, vocal habit that you and many people in our culture have picked up is far away from our own authentic voice. Power trails off. Clarity is sometimes lost. Who knows what the long-term physical implications are of holding vocal tension.

There are those leaders who speak and people assume immediate and absolute authority. They are clear and they resonate; they hold attention and they get listened to. An authentic, strong, resonant and powerful voice is possible to get yourself heard. Have your powerful voice and strong point of view heard and clearly understood to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Here are some notes on Voice

There is a vertical voice that consists of breath, spine, and ground (vs. the horizontal voice of culture, society, communication)

Our voice comes from the emotional, physical and vocal.

When a great deal of emotion is projected vocally, it is important to properly connect to the expression of emotion. A free use of energy is far more useful a place to begin to work from than is a tense, inhibited performance.

The first principle of voice work is Relaxation. To remove our habitual muscular tensions, as a warm-up, slowly check each part of your body starting with your feet for tense muscles. Breathe into those tense muscles to relax them.

Use a big, loud Yawn, followed by humming into all parts of head, face, jaw, neck and chest to release tension.  Smile.

Take a deep breath and emit an SSSSS on the exhale to feel more relaxed.  Throw the SSSS on the exhale to feel the projection of your voice with Breath.

Use Dart Board – breath as a spoken HUH aimed at a target in the dart board – close, medium and far distance .

To keep your voice forward in your mouth (as opposed to back and down in your throat) repeat BEE-BAY-BAH-BOW-BOO repeatedly with relaxed throat, neck, jaw, lips and tongue.

By freeing your natural voice – the one you were born with as a baby, you are able to create a greater impression of being the credible, trusted leader you are.

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