Heading to the “Big Stage”

It can be a long walk to the ‘big stage’.  It’s what you want.  You’ve been heading there for a long time.  Have you packed well for the trip? To “bring it”, you’ll want to bring this:

Energy – tons of positive energy to energize your audience to inspire them to move mountains if they have to.

Intention – it’s what we intend – we mentally determine the end result and all action is focused upon it.

Content – a message that’s clear, compact, relevant, and audience-focused. It’s understandable, memorable, and actionable.

Call to Action – the listener is clear about what you are asking.

Congruence – your words and physical expression (body language) are in total sync. It’s as if they turned the sound off and the listener can still make out what you are saying.

Command – you are present in the moment impacting your listeners in full connection with them.

Mastery – Putting this all together and expressing yourself comfortably and confidently with great ease. It takes practice. 10,000 hours according to Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers”.

And most of all…

Passion – it’s your heartfelt, deep and authentic excitement about life, work and people.

“People with passion care – really care in their bones – about neighbors, employees, colleagues and friends winning. They love to learn and grow themselves, and they get a kick when the people around them do the same.” Jack Welch, former CEO of GE

Pack well, enjoy the trip and have fun on the stage.

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