The Voice of a Leader

Energy YawnAn advanced communication skills training

There are those people who speak and people assume absolute authority. They resonate; they hold attention and they get listened to. Whether you are a market leader, a company, division or team leader, you must get yourself heard and a strong, resonant and powerful voice is possible in everyone.

Here’s what my clients tell me:

“In order to drive growth and market share, it is critical for us to differentiate ourselves by really listening to our clients-to build deeper relationships.”

“And it’s about having and demonstrating empathy to show we understand who they really are. That way we are confident to ask for the business and to convey where and how we add value.”

“We want the ability and confidence to access and engage leadership to discuss the strategic direction of the enterprise.”

“Because of the bewildering pace of change, we want to make sense of it all and communicate its impact on each of our clients so that they have the right understanding and take the right action.”

With this work, you increase your capacity to convey trust, credibility, and confidence with great conviction. The use of an authentic, clear, strong and powerful message, voice and presence can help you be a more effective leader.


  • Deliver clear and powerful messages that drive action
  • Capture and hold their audience’s attention
  • Persuade to gain buy-in and alignment
  • Build trust and credibility in the marketplace

I employ best-in-class business communications practices along with the finest theatre and performance skills voice training.

The work is interactive and uses individual’s actual business presentations in practice, exercises and applications to keep the learning relevant.