“I think everybody should learn it”

130212_2625399_Hugh_Jackman___Show_143x95_18146883565(Or, why I went to acting school.)

I did. For two years. I wanted to be able to best help my clients succeed – by helping myself.


Hugh Jackman on a recent Inside Actors Studio said it best.  Here is an excerpt:

Audience member: How has acting helped you in your personal and professional life?

Hugh: “When I went to acting school, I thought ‘I wish everybody did this – everybody should do this.’

Why would I care if you were an accountant, or what?  What I learned about breathing – if you aren’t learning to breathe the best way you can, you aren’t open, – your emotions aren’t open.

The things I learned as an actor about listening, about being present, about human nature – I think everybody should learn it.

The whole acting training and the whole life as an actor is about being awake.

… Whether in acting, personal, or professional life – it’s all about our relationships and its just another opportunity to wake up really.”