Improvisation for Breakthrough Results – a seminar on July 24, 2014

LISTENA new way to learn.

Here is what I hear.

9 out of 10 times, clients tell me: “Most of all, I want to learn to listen.”  

Working on your mindful communication of being aware, present in the moment, listening, connecting and building meaningful relationships is the stuff of success in today’s marketplace.  It’s with these skills we build relationships, increase sales, grow revenues and become a more conscious leader.

Improvisational technique, borrowed from theatre and adapted to the business world, is the best way I know to get to the connectedness and the listening skills of an individual. It brings ease into your life and the everyday work environment.

This practice is democratic, non-hierarchical, practical work. It is not esoteric. It is never to be confused with or taken for improv/sketch comedy.  There is no need to perform, or be funny or clever.

Improvisational technique is entirely for building your skills to be present in the moment, connected to yourself, your environment and others, and most of all, for deep listening. Only then can you respond authentically in your role.

Here are some of the situations addressed in a session:

  • Develop deeper listening
  • Stay present in the moment
  • Deal with uncertainty
  • Problem solve more effectively
  • Demonstrate greater courage and take risks more readily
  • Be more confident in everyday or high pressure interactions

Please join me for a 3-hour introductory improvisation session made up of exercises and activities that help you tap in to your intuition and inner knowing.

This introductory session provides you with a novel experience and new ways to be more successful in your business.  The feedback from previous sessions has been overwhelming.  The session is specifically tailored to those in the room.

When:              July, 24, 2014 on Thursday from 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Where:            Primary Stages, 307 West 38th Street, Suite 1510, Studio B

Cost:                $100.00 per person


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