Improvisation: Moments of insight play a big role in creativity

In an Improvisation technique session we focus on Awareness because moments of insight play a big role in creativity.  We seek to create an environment for these to occur.

Scientists have determined that people in a relaxed state (and a good mood) are far more likely to develop creative and innovative thoughts.

You’ve had known those moments when the right answer just came or you did exactly the right thing without thinking?  This is intuition – the direct knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning. It’s a way of knowing without intellectual knowing.

It is not simply a matter of switching from intellectual (logical knowing) to this other way of knowing. We must be thrown off-balance and blank out the intellect (the known) and break through the walls of the unknown – to intuition. Improvisation technique provides this opportunity.

Focus is the vehicle. Awareness sets us up for success. This is practice to problem solve in a more advanced way.