“It’s like learning to do the Back Float”

backfloatI was speaking with a friend from college about growing her business.  We were sharing how much we trust that good will come from our efforts.

“It’s like learning to do the back float”, she said.  “All you have to do is relax and trust, and you will be able to float on your back.  When you don’t trust – you panic – you buckle in the middle and sink.”

A nice metaphor. Don’t you think?

Here is some instruction:

How to Float on Your Back: 6 Steps

  1. Choose a good spot in the pool or body of water. When you are in the water, go to the space that you are most relaxed with.
  2. Ask someone to hold your back; it will look like you are floating already and you will get the feel for it
  3. Take a big deep breath and don’t let it go; when you are sure that you are ready, let the person let go of you.
  4. Try to balance all of your body evenly. Spread out your arms and legs in a star shape and keep as straight as you can without becoming rigid. Remember, floating is about relaxing and remaining buoyant at the same time.
  5. Watch the clouds, the tree tops, the birds and listen to the water gently lapping at your ears. It is a very peaceful thing to do, floating…
  6. Keep practicing until it feels right                            (excerpted from WikiHow)

More great metaphor for life?