Don’t Leave Anything Out – Robin Williams Didn’t

Robin Williams.What I learned as a student in acting school is to never leave anything out.  The most important skill to have is partnering and that means to be in complete connection with your partner on stage.

It is to also be in contact with what is going on in the immediate environment including your audience.

For instance, if you are interacting with your partner onstage and a large painting flies off the wall unexpectedly, you don’t ignore that fact. You include it – or “loop” it – bring it in to scene how ever briefly.

In the video included here, you will see that the genius of Robin Williams is his mind goes at lightning speed and his mouth follows, yet he is completely aware of what is going on in front of him in the audience – partnering.  Watch how he interacts with the people in the front rows by calling out his awareness of their state.  Amazing. It is so generous.

What is as astounding is his improvisation with the scarf.  I am drawn in to his expert ability to take a brief moment, a pause the length of a breath that lets the inspiration come to him. Using the scarf , he takes it into his movement and gesture to connect to a story, a character. The ideas and words naturally come out of this kinesthetic act.

As people who make our success by creating connection and relationships no matter how brief, we too can take our time – a momentary pause to let our intuition be present and for inspiration to come forth.  It’s here where we get a glimpse of our own genius.

Stay connected. Partner with your audience. This will help to make you unforgettable. And influential.

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