For the love of it

2042658My nephew, Max, loves to play basketball.  So much so, that he is out on the driveway practicing in all types of weather with his friends. He loves it.

My nephew, Max, plays for the B team. He tried out and made the B team.  He and his team play basketball for the sheer love of it.  They next to never win a game. No matter. They love to play and they love playing as a team. I’ve watched them and it is so much fun to see their love of the game.

There was this recent game when they won – and Max was excited because his passing, shooting and blocking were right on target. By loving the play of the game – he learns so much.

Let’s look at the word amateur that translates literally from the French as “for the love of it.”

Well then, call me the amateur. Because I love what I do. And I do it for the love of it.

Before we rush to be the expert, why not proclaim being the amateur – and do what we do for the pure love of it?  It’s in this spirit, we are continually learning and growing.