Master the Skill-Use a Chair


On a recent business trip to the Netherlands, I had the pleasure to visit Amsterdam once again.  A friend of mine from there was excited to show me the skating in front of the newly re-opened Rijks Museum.  It was a glorious site.  And the most exciting thing was to see how the Dutch master the skill of ice skating.


They use a chair. To get balance – to learn the “ropes” – to provide comfort in the learning new skills.

Chair SkateHow ingenious.

Where are the “chairs” we can use to continue to hone, master and refine our skills?

Having tools, techniques and skills at our fingertips to keep us sharp and quick – particularly when the stakes are high is key.

I have my set of “go to” skills that make all the difference.

And if I need to – I reach out for help.  I use the “chair” to get better at the things I need to.  It’s a great step to achieving excellence.  What are your chairs?

Chair Skate 2