Mastery – What does it take?

A VISA Olympic Commercial:

“US Olympic Diver David Bodia will make over 25,000 practice dives in one year.  That’s like diving off the highest building in the world over 180 times. 

All the more reason to cheer for the perfect dive right now.”

Mastery defined is expert skill.  What does it take to get to mastery?  25,000 practice dives a year for US Gold Medalist Platform Diver, David Bodia.

What does it take for Emir Gamsizoglu?  At the age of 20, Emir, a professional basketball player in Turkey, sidelined with an injury, started to study the piano. He trained in Paris with Huseyin Sermet, one of the greatest virtuosos of our time. Emir is a renowned concert pianist in his country.

Mastery comes from practicing at least six hours every day.  When Emir takes a day off, he practices for three hours.  He splits his time between New York City and Istanbul where he plays concerts. He’s making his way to Carnegie Hall.  And you know the old joke – “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? – Practice, practice, practice.”

Here’s is what his mastery has brought to the world.

Business success comes from mastery in communicating.  What are our “25,000 practice dives” or our “6 hours of daily practice” to mastery?

The first step is awareness.  Every time you interact with a client or someone on your team, keep “score” of how you did. What were they responsive to?  And if you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?  Then practice the things you need to bring that difference. Get coaching and rehearse. Find a consistent routine that brings you closer to the mastery that brings you even greater success.

“The difference between an A Player and an A+ Player is the difference between a million in revenue and a billion in revenue.” (Paul English, founder & CEO,

Become the A+ Player. Become the master.

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