Needed Now! – Center Yourself in Your Physical Body


In a time of great Un – Balance, it is fully in our hands to restore balance and to regain alignment. This way we connect to our heart and our center and our ground.

Here is a practice to help you re-gain Center. Find someone for you to partner with.

Walk in the space at street pace. Breathe. Feel the space support you.

Walk through the space with a sense of exploration and of curiosity.

Come back to your body. Remember your breath.

With your partner, without using hands, maintain in contact with your partner – eye contact. Move. Mirror. Breathe.

Now, each person tells two stories:

  1. One of a childhood memory and;
  2. One of something that happened with in the last twenty-four hours

There are two rules:

  • You must use only the present tense
  • You must avoid using the word “and” to link sentences.

Take your time, remember your breath, feel your body.  The present tense is all about the NOW. Our use of AND is about habitual speaking.

In preparation:

Remember: make eye contact with the other while telling the story. Breathe. It is the moment of generosity. Breathe.

Stand with eyes closed until you are ready.  Getting ready is to take your time, remember your breath, feel your body. Shift from side-to-side. Lengthen through your spine. Align with center. Get into your weight down into the ground. Let gravity take over.

Then open your eyes and make eye contact as you tell your story. Breathe.

Breath and Centering is a way of bypassing doing merely mental energy, merely coming from your head, which is spinning all these tapes.

Being skillful is to inhabit your own body, to use your breath, to be fully realized in your movements – so then the words come up as they are needed.

Fully inhabiting the present moment is about getting out of our own way. Fully in our hands, we restore balance and maintain an alignment with our core, authentic self. Time to rise!

(I want to attribute part of this exercise to Anne Bogart from her book, And Then You Act – I think)

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