Nice Guys Finish First – with Grace and Elegance – Rafa!

NADAL2When they embraced at the net, Rafael Nadal momentarily rested his head on Novak Djokovic’s shoulder.

This was classic Nadal, killing another opponent with kindness.

Nadal snatched the United States Open from Djokovic just when his opponent thought he was in control of a fierce men’s final on Monday night.


From the New York Times

Then Nadal told him, “You are an amazing player — you will finish your career as one of the best in history.”

Rare is the competitor with his on-court persistence and postmatch elegance. Such a combination cannot be easily understood or explained, mainly compared to the very best of athletes worldwide.

NYTimes: Nadal Inspires Awe After His Victory

Rafael Nadal fits a special mold of athletes, the ones who are gracious winners against their biggest rivals.

How well can we be gracious to our co-workers, our leaders, our rivals?

Yes, nice guys do finish first. In the end, it’s what is best remembered.  Go forth, and conquer with such a brand of grace – and elegance!