Take a page from this waitress’ book – speak in the affirmative

Speak in the affirmative.

wait staff2

I was at lunch with a colleague last week celebrating a great client engagement we just delivered. I like to ask the wait staff for their opinions to items on the menu. Often, I get really unsatisfactory answers. I’m left more confused than before. Or, worse, I get the impression that they are sending me to the more expensive options I’ve asked about.

This woman was great. I asked between two entrees.  She powerfully, definitively stated. “No. You don’t want this. It’s too starchy”. Well, that’s all I needed to hear.

Then when it came to deciding on a dessert my colleague and I would share, I went to ask her between the two – the tiramisu or the tartufo? Before I could get out the two options, she strongly said, “You want the tartufo. It’s great.”

And that’s what we ordered – and liked it.

Speaking with total conviction helps your clients to feel well-directed and in good hands.  What can you do to speak in the affirmative with power?

  1. Have strong beliefs. Conviction is really attractive.
  2. State your opinions with a strong, projected voice and eye contact.
  3. Find a stance – physically find the posture that shows strength – yet is still inviting and approachable.

Avoid speaking sentences that go up at the end – as if asking a question. It projects uncertainty.  Yes, speak powerfully –  and in the affirmative.