Every player wants to hit with more power and consistency

Golf Swing

On Improving Your Game

There is no doubt that we will take the necessary lessons to learn the crucial skills to Improve Our Game; golf, tennis, baseball, etc.

Or take the leaders who know there’s a “hitch in the swing” and if  she or he can go into the cages for awhile, she or he can work it out.

A hitch in the swing will cause the hitter to have a slow bat and not be able to get to the ball at the correct time. When a hitter makes front foot contact, his hands should be right at his shoulder, with his elbows down 45-degree angle.


What about gaining the necessary skills to Improve Your Game in your business communication to create greater results?

Consider this as going into the cages:

At the core of business leaders’ skills lie the intellectual skills acquired from business school, training and business practice that include:

  • Analytic skills and intellectual competence
  • The “head” skills that allow business decision-makers to figure out “what to do” based on the facts around them.

Further out from the core intellect skills are: Perceptive and Relatedness Skills. These are the heart skills that great leaders use to figure out “how to do”.

Create the Perceptive skills through greater Intuition

  • Perceptiveness – the ability (and willingness) to hear what is being said and done around you at a level beyond what is superficially presented
  • Intuition – as an athlete’s training resides in the background when he or she is in action, this turns knowledge & experience into the mental equivalent of “muscle memory”
  • Courage – the willingness to project yourself into the events that surround you and to act upon your convictions.




Compete your training with:

  • Relatedness – is the social ability that enhances our connection to others and that is a prerequisite in business life.
  • Authenticity – is the ability to project oneself into situations without fear of reserve and imbuing those around us with the confidence that they are being addressed with honesty and integrity.
  • Facilityis business-situation savoir-faire – the ability to deliver what is said in a way that enhances the comfort of the audience, regardless of the content of the message.
  • Spontaneity is the willingness and ability to improvise thought, message and action.

These are skills that will help you make “front foot contact” and they are coached, taught and learned.

A coach is necessary for every champion.  Serena Williams has a coach.







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