The Presence of Presence – Physical Aura


I read this recently:

“Anna Deavere Smith, consummate actor, was speaking about physical aura, that is, presence. She was relaying a story about Israel, who is a humble man, still touchingly capable of awe in what she called “the presence of presence.”

Ms. Deveare Smith goes on to say: “presence doesn’t have to do with likeability…Often people who have presence know that you are there before you know they are there.”  This is a perfect description of charismatic human presence.” *

It reminds me of a time when I was leaving a client engagement at a leading bank. I got out of the elevator and into their vast lobby, walking toward the exit of the building with one of my clients.  All of a sudden I stopped and said, “Wait. Mike is here.” I couldn’t see this senior leader who I’ve coached. Yet, I could feel his presence.  I looked around and lo and behold, Mike was standing there with his back to me speaking with members from his team. I greeted him and went on my way.  Whoa. Felt presence.

Mike seemed to naturally have it. Or he cultivated it.

We can create our physical aura – our presence of presence with the right skills.

* From Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD’s book, Untie the Strong Woman

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