Presenting Excellence

From Theatre to Boardroom

Do you know how the world’s top business presenters keep an audience spellbound?

What is it that enables them to reach not only the minds of individual audience members, but also their hearts?

There are three qualities shared by world-class presenters:

  1. They always have command of each listener in the audience
  2. They can clearly demonstrate passion, dynamism and emotion
  3. Regardless of who they are, what they specialize in, or where they come from, they can connect with the audience at a personal level. The audience feels they can relate to the presenter.

And as with all great leaders, they compel their audience to act.

This is a program for experienced business presenters. Presenting Excellence combines leading business presentation skills with the creativity and performance skills of the world’s leading actors.

Whether you are presenting to the board, communicating a new vision to the business, developing a new relationship at top levels for a high-stakes deal, introducing a new product to the market, speaking at a conference, or selling up new ideas to clients or management, this program gives you the essential tools for making emotional contact with your audience – the key to a truly influential presentation.

It is the next step in understanding persuasion, inspiration and motivation.

The secret lies not in the message itself, but the power and technique of its delivery. You develop a stage presence so that people are compelled to listen to you and because you deliver your message in a captivating way.

When you bring artistry to business presenting, you are able to take the skills of an experienced actor and turn a two-dimensional “script” into a living, three-dimensional performance. You will take away the techniques that allow you to connect with your audience at both a rational and emotional level.

This work is designed to transform leaders into presenters people listen to, not simply because they have to, but because they want to.

As a result of the program, you will:

  • Command attention by building a strong stage presence
  • Connect and relate to your audience by learning the skills of the great storytellers
  • Compel your audience to respond and take action
  • Prepare for your performance to be persuasive, motivating and inspirational.

The underlying principles of this advanced communication skills program are that:

The most powerful form of persuasion has a strong emotional element; and that voice and movement are directly affected by the dominant emotion of the person.  In addition, specific physical movement can affect changes in dominant emotions of a person whereby the audiences’ emotions can be influenced by the physical actions of the presenter. And that, people like stories that are relevant to them.

All the applications in the program are based on these principles.

This is a two-day program for 6-8 participants.

A curriculum is available with 3 levels of communication training that moves from Presentation Skills (fundamentals) to Presenting Excellence to Presence and Impact.  In all cases, the curriculum will be tailored to your express needs of the business and the individuals.