Presenting Skills, Advanced Presenting Skills and Leadership Presence

Presenting Skills: Facilitating a group of executives to become competent presenters:

  • Understand your audience
  • Plan the process
  • Be objective-driven and outcome oriented with the entire communication
  • Tailor the communication
  • Deliver with great clarity
  • Create connection with those in the room or on the phone
  • Persuade for buy-in or approval
  • Have great confidence and flexibility

Advanced Presenting Skills: Understand the skills of motivation, inspiration and influence.  Master the confidence and skills necessary to raise the profile of you and your organization through presentations that capture a unique position in the minds of your audiences.

The underlying principles of the program are:

  • The most powerful form of persuasion has a strong emotional element
  • Voice and movement are directly affected by the dominant emotion of the person
  • Specific physical movement can affect changes in dominant emotions of a person
  • Audience emotions can be influenced by the physical actions of the presenter
  • Leaders tell stories that are relevant to the needs of your audience

Leadership Presence

This work is for leaders and emerging leaders to find an authentic, undeniable presence that puts forth an impression befitting your unique talents, intelligence and hard work. The relationships you attract and build will contribute to your great success.

When you embody confidence, competence and trust, it increases your ability to grow business. When you generate the right amount of energy and connection, you have the tools to achieve greater business outcomes.

Presence and Impact is an intensive advanced training program designed for you whose job demands excellence in persuasive communication.

Learn a unique set of skills that allows you to engage more freely and confidently.

It takes the interplay of your intellectual and physical to send off a full and compelling message. Your clients and team experience your command and confidence, then you have their focus and attention.

Take full advantage of your natural assets, and build upon them to increase your ability to impact others.

Results are:

  • Uncover your own authentic and compelling presence
  • Act with increased impact to move your stakeholders to take action
  • Connect deeper into relationships with leadership, clients, colleagues, and teams
  • Feel more confident in everyday and high pressure situations
  • Command the attention of your audience to gain buy-in to your ideas
  • Achieve exceptional performance and be seen as leaders