Remember when there were dance moves?

gangnamstyle2It’s been years since there’s been a definitive dance movement.  Right?

You may remember back when a dance move was all the fashion.  Think crazes like The Hustle, The Electric Boogaloo, The Twist, The Macarena or The Time Warp.

Where are the dances? There has been a lot of unspecified movement on the dance floors for years.

And now we have Gangnam Style.

If our companies operate with a lot of unspecified movement, what does that do? It makes us yearn for the old days? No, not really. It leaves the organization with a lack of focus and clear direction.

Why not take it from current style- and make your “dance moves” a craze in your firm.

“It’s a jump to the left and a step to the right. Put your hands on your hips and your knees in tight.”

It’s about getting specific. Why not get everyone in your company moving together in the same direction? Doing the right moves. Getting the rhythm. How elegant.

And, then, when they’ve all mastered the moves, there can be a measure of letting go – some individuality. It’s here where the creativity happens. And the fun.

[And please don’t even “get started” on the people of Harlem about current The Harlem Shakes meme. They are horrified and disgusted. It’s not the real Shakes. It’s too unspecified and it’s stupid in their mind.]