Sacred Space

Blue CircleLearning from the Blue Circle.

“This is the way of the storyteller: still telling what is told.”  -Paul Sills 1999

We all may remember a place or a space where we recall being wonderfully transformed. It might have been a playing field, a laboratory, a stage, a classroom or a boardroom.

Mine was the Blue Circle.

After following the work of Paul Sills as early as the 1970’s, I was excited to study with Paul in the barn on his farm in Wisconsin for an intensive week of his theatre games.

Every day started and ended on the Blue Circle. Paul deeply believed in the potential of everyone to reach the height of connection – to oneself and to each other.  His dedication was to increase our knowingness – not knowledge, for that comes from being in your head.  His work was of an intelligence from being in the space, in our body, in the group and in the game.

It was a place of transformation for me. Where are your sacred spaces where you recall being transformed?

Paul Sills


Here’s Paul in his heyday directing Story Theatre