See and Be Seen


Today, there is so much value being placed upon having Presence. In our workplace, we are asked to project leadership presence. What does that mean? It means in the moment having full engagement with another.

The leader who is one who declares the future learns that driving excellence comes from fully connecting to individuals on her or his team and to clients.  Only when you’ve made this connection can you influence, persuade and inspire to greatness. This is what leads to exceptional performance and outcomes.

In my world of coaching, I employ somatic practices to foster connection and openness in my clients. Somatic practices open our awareness through an integration of our mind and body.

One practice I use is called See and Be Seen.

Here is how you can use it to your advantage.

To own our connection to our self and to others, allow yourself to give attention and take attention. See the other fully. Let them fully see you.

If you can find a partner, stand facing each other.  In preparation, breathe, center and get grounded.

Get in touch with the space between you and them.

See them.

Let them see you.

Keep breathing.

See and be seen.

It’s deceptively simple, though in my programs this is the place most people admittedly struggle. It exposes us. It makes us feel vulnerable.

To be skillful at this connection we must embody it.

To the extent we can tolerate initial discomfort and breathe through it, we allow this connection between ourselves and others. It is here we build trust, deeper relationship and teamwork.

Note that our listeners draw conclusions based upon our non-verbal communication. Based on our behaviors, they silently make several assessments with regard to things such as commitment, authenticity and centeredness.

This awareness and mastery of this practice puts you well on your way to achieving leadership presence.

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