“Touch The Snake” – Regain your Creative Confidence

SnakeI believe that high performing organizations – workplaces – are centers of immense creativity. 

The fastest way to have a consistently profitable company is by showing your people how to create a culture of creativity.


How do we change the workplace into a space of creative people?

I’ve been wondering about the slight resistance to the Play for Innovation & Creativity workshop I’m facilitating.

Clearly, today, we are charged with being thought leaders – as cutting edge, creative – and “innovate or die” is the cry.  Why the resistance?

It’s because business is dominated by the technical and analytical who don’t see themselves as creative. Yet, it is NOT the domain of a chosen few.

Listening to David Kelley’s (CEO of IDEO and founder of d-school) TED talk about how to regain your creative confidence (because we had it as a small child), I am struck by the manner of how this can become possible.

David cites the self-efficacy work of Dr. Albert Bandura who uses what is called Guided Mastery. It’s a series of steps, a series of small successes that turns fear into familiarity and that builds confidence. His experiment was called Touch the Snake. He introduced the right small steps and small successes to finally pet the snake without fear in full confidence.

Come join me for a training with a series of steps – ones that build small successes that add up to you rebuilding your creative confidence – so that you can quite naturally let your ideas fly.

Read about David’s talk here: http://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/how-to-build-your-creative-confidence/

And did you know that serial innovators such as IDEO, Google, Apple and others regularly use PLAY to generate better ideas?

Watch David Kelley’s TED Talk here: