How do we turnaround our Teams

I believe that all workplaces can be a place for immense creativity and harmony.

Old paradigm: Management has all the answers. The day of top down is dead. It’s unrealistic and irrelevant in today’s marketplace.

Rather, today, Management can tap into the wisdom of its people and by using their already in place resources – empower them to turnaround any negative trends plaguing the business.

New paradigm:  Skills are facilitated in collaboration, trust, communication, creativity.  You don’t manage creativity, you enable it.

What is it costing our companies and what is it costing us personally when we are not able to work in concert with our colleagues to foster greater creativity and competitive advantage?

No matter how fervent we are about the desire to work in cooperation and collaborate with our team, this can be undermined by the boundaries between people.

Embrace positive energy in an environment of change. We hold the space for greater teamwork through collaboration when we build trust.

Find the skills to master the art of collaboration that builds trust and generates positive outcomes.

Some of the skills to build trust and teams are:

  • understand differences and commonalities
  • suspend judgment
  • find deeper listening
  • advocate and inquire
  • practice saying Yes
  • promote an environment of experimentation and exploration
  • hold the space to maintain a safe environment
  • live in the emotion of ambition and possibility (not resignation and resentment)

Turbocharge your teams – make them optimal for collaboration, creativity, communication and trust.  Promote behaviors where people in teams can authentically and truthfully collaborate with each other for greater creativity and results.

When our work with others is powered by a common passion, we build lasting success for ourselves and our firm.  The business is positively affected when the culture is attuned to the needs of its clients and the alignment of the gifts and talents of its people – thereby reaping the rewards of this to the bottom line.



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