Steal this Olympics Champions’ Technique

Olympic SkiingDuring the Sochi Olympics’ broadcasts, I was struck by something that the Olympic skiers being interviewed after their first run said when the question was posed, of course, “What is it that you can do for your next and final run to ensure you get to the top of the Podium”?

Answer: “I will get better at doing my visualization”  because for them, it’s a valuable “pre-race routine.” Championship athletes use creative visualization to ensure their success.

Here are 3 steps for you to use creative visualization successfully for your next high-stakes meeting or presentation.  And, god knows, we don’t get “second runs” to better our chances.  It’s a one-run deal that we have to get right in our “moments of truth”.

1. Commit to doing creative visualization often as a practice – daily to get adept at it.  In the a.m. upon waking, in the p.m. before sleep – or on the plane, in the train or on the bus while traveling.

2.  Start with relaxation. Use your deep breath to let go of tension.  Then, using your imagination, see yourself in your mind’s eye performing each moment, step-by-step, of the “course”.  Use all senses.  Sight, taste, hearing, smell, and feel. Imaginatively immerse yourself into the experience.  Positively affirm all your motions, words, connections as you create this event in your mind.

3.  Try visualizing in different situations, under different circumstances, as a type of problem-solving. Again, see yourself perform at your best in even the most challenging of “turns”.

 And, as always, review what you did and affirm where you perform well.

And smile when you are “atop the podium” feeling your success.

Success begets more success.Podium