Your Voice to Greater Presence

There are those leaders who speak and people assume absolute authority. They resonate; they hold attention and they get listened to. An authentic, strong, resonant and powerful voice is possible in everyone. Whether you are a market leader, a company, division or team leader, you must get yourself heard. Find out how your powerful voice can help you reach your personal and professional goals.

To produce a powerfully projected, resonant Voice, first you must breathe. And then you must free yourself of unnecessary tension in your face, tongue, neck and jaw. Best way to do this?


The Energy Yawn (from the Brain Gym)

How to
As you begin to yawn, lightly press the fingertips of each hand against any tight spots you feel where your cheeks cover your upper and lower molars. Make a deep, relaxed yawning sound while gently stroking away any tension. Repeat as many times as you need.

What the Energy Yawn does
More than 50% of all the neurological connections from the brain to the rest of the body pass through the jaw joints. Massaging the area over the muscles that open and close the mouth relaxes the jaw, freeing these connections for increased whole brain integration.

The Energy Yawn also relaxes the eyes by stimulating lubrication. For many people there is a positive relationship between ease of jaw motion, ease of expression and even creative ability.

Gail and Paul Dennison