Voice is Power

Voice sound waveI am passionate about Voice.  When I lost my voice and had to recover it, I set out to find the best training to heal it and strengthen it. Presence and impact is physical mastery. We embody to find our voice and our strength.

Since then, I’ve been coaching in communication always with an emphasis on Voice.  Hence, I offer programs called The Voice of a Leader, Women Leading with Grace and Own the Room – all with a focus on Voice.  And now a client sends me this article.

Although this article addresses women’s voice, I have encountered as many men who are asking me for help with their voice projection.

Please enjoy.


Voice projection is the energy, intensity and enthusiasm you have for what you are expressing. This is a physical act and like your other “muscles”, it’s like going to the gym to maintain its strength. Find the practices that work for you. Feel the difference and experience the better response you will get from your listeners.


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