The Wire Walker

Wirewalker1The Wire Walker doesn’t just jump on the wire and go.

The Wire Walker centers himself for what comes next. And next. And after that.

The wire walker takes the time to find his footing, to find his balance, to get to his breath, his most intense focus.

He taps into the knowing of what to do in preparation before doing it in performance.

He breathes his way into it and all across the wire.

We, too, must point our toe, reach our leg forward, place it gently on the wire, shift our weight and lean into that place. Allow yourself that moment to center – to wobble, arms out, tipping up and down like a cantilever to find perfect balance.

Footing found. Check. Balance there. Check. Breath there. Check. Now GO.

Only then are we ready to launch into our finest moment doing what we were born to do – “wire walk.”

What’s more dangerous than stepping out onto the wire?

Not stepping out onto the wire.


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