Two Women: Who was more Authentic?

Take out partisan party politics. Remove our biases. Can we? Let’s simply observe.What do we know to be truly authentic?  Often its indescribable, almost imperceptible. We know it when we see it. We know it when we feel it. The smallest movements, gestures in the moment, the ever-changing facial expressions, the stance and the use of tone, pitch and emphasis in the voice.

What’s real? What’s fake? What is passionate? What is “put on”?  Who has the most heart? Who do we have the heart for? Who is most believable?

For me, my perception watching the video came from the head position. One held her head and chin level or lower. The other held it up higher. The one with the lower position made me feel that this was for me, not her. The other made me feel that it was about her, not me.  That’s my read, my take. (This is more deeply outlined in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink).  We are “mind readers” or more precisely, “body readers”.  Physical language is so powerful. And you can have control over your own.

In your business interactions, you have the context, the words – and yes, the choice of stories and facts are very important. Now what if you were to put the same words in the hands of one – and then in the hands of another. Who is more believable – more authentic?

How much are you paying attention to the details of your physical expression – body, face and tone of voice? When you do, you are communicating using your best advantages. The fact is that you are very passionate about what you do, but if “you don’t show it – we don’t know it.”