Women Leading with Grace – a seminar on October 1, 2015 in New York City










“One word expresses the pathway to greatness:  Voice. Those on this path find their voice and inspire others to find theirs.”                             Stephen R. Covey

We will explore how you succeed in an unconventional way where a strong and traditional mindset exists.

A seminar on October 1, 2015

When I think of the incredible ecosystem we as women naturally create – those interconnected and interacting elements that form our basis for success – in the workplace and at home – what are those qualities?

Cultivating these natural strengths that we rely on will provide us with an undeniable confidence in all areas of life.

Through a series of multi-disciplinary activities and applications, let’s build awareness and mastery to that which enables us to lead with grace.

Leading with Grace Skills are not taught in school, on the job, or in most executive trainings – yet they are the interpersonal skills demanded from us as leaders today.  They include:

Perceptiveness – the ability to hear what is being said and done around you at a level beyond what is superficially presented

Intuition – turns knowledge and experience into the mental equivalent of “muscle memory,” much as an athlete’s training resides in the background when he or she is in action

Courage – the willingness to project yourself into the events that surround you and to act upon your convictions

Relatedness – the social abilities that enhance your connection to others

Authenticity – the ability to be fully present in all interpersonal situations and instill in those around you the confidence that they are being addressed with honesty and integrity

All areas of work and life thrive on our ability to bring forth the full scope of our confidence and our gifts.

In this introductory seminar we will visit these three things:

Being present to support ourselves

Being present to support others

Finding your voice

Martha Gelnaw, after over a decade in leadership, for the past 16 years has coached, mentored, and trained in the area of leadership communication with a particular focus on presence with impact. Several of her women leader coaching clients deemed what she brought to them was the ability to Lead with Grace. Out of this is born this seminar.

This three-hour seminar is held on October 1, 2015, Thursday

Primary Stages, 307 West 38th Street, Suite 1510, Studio A

Please join me and other women leaders. There is limited space. Please register to hold your space at:  http://conta.cc/1iuuJ5K

Seminar Cost is $250 per person


A Collaboration Masterclass using Japanese Bunraku Puppets will be given on October 21, 2015.  Here are more details: http://www.presence-impact.com/collaboration-master-class-october-21-2015-nyc/




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