Women Leading with Grace Workshop on February 11, 2017 am in Midtown Manhattan









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Women Leading with Grace exists to offer women well-being, strength and balance.  Let me show you the “ropes.”

Powerful beyond measure, how do we bring forth the full scope of our confidence and gifts to our lives and to our careers?  It is up to us. Fully in our hands – this time is it.

There is a tidal wave of change toward a fully gender inclusive workforce. It takes courage to walk fearlessly – unapologetically – into this new territory.

How do we to hold to our strength, our passion, and align with our core values? 

Women tell me they want to be happy and harmonious – find peace, well-being and balance, live their purpose, to inspire others to do the same, become more self-confident and effective leaders, and make profound contribution in all areas of their lives.

This program is built out of the work I do coaching executives, both men and women, across all market sectors.  My own research tells me that the time is now.

Women Leading with Grace is an experiential program for you to gain strength, balance, courage, harmony and those positive emotions and skills that quickly build your confidence that gets you to the next level.  It brings stress-reduction, self-care and inspires powerful choices.

This is what I’ve done brilliantly for more than 15 years.

Let us explore beyond where a strong and traditional mindset exists by building a mastery with women that lead with grace.

You will learn:

  • Practices to maintain balance, both grounded and centered – even in the face of chaos—to feel more present in any interaction
  • To project a powerful Presence
  • To embody undeniable confidence to excel in all areas of your life
  • To feel more comfortable, at ease and in control
  • To project a powerful voice that commands attention
  • To inspire powerful choices to coach yourself back into balance and harmony.  

 Together we can confirm that women in full confidence will make the enormous difference in our world. 

With my approach, women are more easily able to embody, assimilate and integrate skills to use in all areas of their lives.  This work is a perfect blend of the head, heart and spirit.

“The collective Feminine heart right now needs incredible sensitivity, support, care and nurturing.” Sophie Bashford

“It’s time to move from knowing what to do to actually doing it.” Arianna Huffington

Location:  Primary Stages, 307 West 38th Street, New York, NY, Suite 1510, Studio A

Workshop Date:   February 11, 2017 -Saturday – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Register: http://conta.cc/2ihy0oV

SAVE THE DATE:  Collaboration Masterclass: Facilitating successful team outcomes – March 24, 2017


“Martha, the morning session was absolutely transformative. The opportunity to share space, movement and breath with others was so impactful; understanding we have a kindred bond to connect with others, to share, to learn was amazing. You helped bring out the best of our selves. I would love to arrange a time for you to visit my campus as I would love to gift a session to women of my inner circle….will be back in touch with you shortly to explore.”  CEO, Healthcare Research

“I worked with Martha during a time of much change in my career, including a significant increase in responsibility. I realized that having great drive, a creative and strategic mind, and a successful track record were not going to be enough, and that I needed to SHOW my confidence in my capabilities in order to have credibility in my new role. Martha helped me learn how to portray my full confidence, and to have my presence embody my strength.  Her coaching and guidance has had a significant impact on my ability to shine!”  SVP, Director, Financial Services

“Martha’s work and her techniques transcend both the professional and personal. She individualizes programs to lead to execution, leadership and team development. Her focus on essential skills trains from C-Suite to entry-level. All of the above is most critical at this time when cultures have to blend “old guard” and millennials and we all need to evolve, communicate and empower for success.”  MD, Financial Service

“You lead with real grace and love.  I am invigorated.  I do want to be more positive and look for the best of every situation and not become negative (and less “I’m sorry”).  You have me thinking of being more in the moment and not trying to push my agenda, a peaceful place to be, but one I am less comfortable in.  This will be a work in progress for me.” MP, Consulting Services


With 15 years of international business leadership experience with global companies and with 17 years of coaching and advising senior executives, Martha offer strategies and skills that have proven greater business results across all industries in finance and banking, professional services, media, healthcare, and technology.

Because Martha trained extensively with Master Teachers in voice, movement, improvisation and acting technique with Mike Nichols, Paul Sills, George Morrison, Patsy Rodenburg and others, she employs somatic (physical) learning approaches to offer her clients an undeniable presence and positive energy. It is combined with her extensive background in leadership and communication coaching.

With active learning Martha’s clients learn to embody confidence, authenticity, expressivity, clarity of communication and engagement —both verbal and non-verbal—in order to achieve their highest personal and professional goals.

These skills are not taught in school, on the job, or in most executive trainings – yet these are the interpersonal skills demanded from our women leaders today.

Her interactive, multi-disciplinary, experiential, embodied learning approach is sought out for its greatest effect and positive energy, linking her extensive background in business leadership, communication, improvisation, theatre arts, and mindfulness to help her clients find great success in their roles.