Women Leading with Grace










Here is the window of opportunity.  Now is our time!      

It is up to us – to bring forth the full scope of our confidence and gifts to our business and our lives to succeed.  Fully in our hands – This time is it.

In a recent study in Harvard Business Review, it finds that teams containing women have greater collective intelligence, and make better decisions than teams only consisting of men.

A leading law firm reported that all female or mostly female trial teams score the biggest wins at the firm.

In The McKinsey Quarterly’s Centered Leadership: How Talented Women Thrive– it’s about having a well of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strength that drives our personal achievement and, in turn, inspires others to follow.

“What’s exciting is that we are starting to discover ways women can actively build skills to become more self-confident and effective leaders.”  Centered Leadership emphasizes the role of positive emotions – how we stay in balance throughout our day no matter what challenges are sent our way.

My interactive workshop, held in a mutually supportive space, opens you up to those positive emotions and skills that quickly build women’s confidence that will get you to your next level.

This is what I’ve done brilliantly for more than 15 years.

Workshop Objective

Through a series of multi-disciplinary activities, together we cultivate the natural strengths that women possess.

Let’s us explore beyond where a strong and traditional mindset exists by building a mastery with women that leads with grace.

When I think of the incredible ecosystem women naturally create – those interrelated elements that form our basis for success – in the workplace and at home – what are those qualities? Here are the qualities:

Perceptiveness IntuitionCourageRelatednessAuthenticity

These skills are not taught in school, on the job, or in most executive trainings – yet these are the interpersonal skills demanded from our leaders today.  In my workshops, we cultivate these natural strengths to provide clients with an undeniable confidence in all areas of your life.

With 15 years of international business leadership experience with global companies and 17 years of coaching and advising senior executives, I instill strategies and skills that have proven greater business results across all industries in finance and banking, professional services, media, pharma, and technology.

I’ve trained extensively with Master Teachers in voice, movement, improvisation and acting technique with Mike Nichols, Paul Sills, George Morrison, Patsy Rodenburg and others.

My interactive, multi-disciplinary learning approach is sought out for its greatest effect and positive energy, combining my extensive background in business leadership communication, improvisation and theatre studies to help my clients to embody confidence, authenticity, expressivity, clarity of communication and engagement —both verbal and non-verbal—in order to achieve their highest personal and professional goals.

“Martha’s work and her techniques transcend both the professional and personal.  She individualizes programs to lead to execution, leadership and team development.  Her focus on essential skills trains from C Suite to entry-level.  All of the above is most critical at this time when cultures have to blend “old guard” and millennials and we all need to evolve, communicate and empower for success.”

MD Financial Services

“Martha, the morning session was absolutely transformative.  The opportunity to share space, movement and breath with others was so impactful; understanding we have a kindred bond to connect with others, to share, to learn was amazing.  You helped bring out the best of our selves.  I would love to arrange a time for you to visit my campus as I would love to gift a session to women of my inner circle….will be back in touch with you shortly to explore.”

CEO, Healthcare Research

I invite you to join me and together we can confirm that women in full confidence will make the enormous difference in our world.  To arrange workshops at your firm, contact me at martha@presence-impact.com

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