“I got everything except for the words!”

We are sending off messages without words.

In 2009, I read an article about the actor, Marcia Gay Harden, who won an Oscar in 2004 for her role in Pollock and was nominated for the award in 2003 for Mystic River. She lives in New York City and at the time, she was performing in God of Carnage on Broadway.  It was a grown-up farce, but Harden took her daughter, Eulala, who was 10 years old at the time, to a rehearsal.  Afterwards, she asked her, “Was it over your head?” And Eulala answered, “Oh, no.  I got everything except for the words!”

Our ability to communicate and express ourselves cannot rely on the words only.  For full and authentic communication, align your physical movement, gesture and dynamic expression along with your thoughts and intentions.

Watch this video clip without the dialogue.  Can you tell what’s going on?