“Make It Work!”

MakeItWorkMake It Work! says Tim Gunn – his famous line from the incredibly competitive “Project Runway“.

Yes, in our roles and in our environment we, too, have to Make It Work.

If you ask me to choose four “tools” that could best Make It Work for ourselves, it would be these:

Charisma – with charisma, it’s not a matter of employing any technique because it implicates the body along with the soul. It requires us to fully be “in our skin”. Let it be said that this is an “inside job.” 

Concentration – focus is using your energy – turning on the current both physically and psychologically. Focus is the external communication of concentration.

The eyes, more than any other part of the body, reveal our mental processes. If they wander, our listener feels our mind is wandering. Finding focus using eye contact with our clients and colleagues reflects clearly that our attention is on them.

The use of focus shows the signs of concentration. The use of effective eye contact signals the right focus. It points to our high level of intention to connect.

Connection – use this to build deeper, unbreakable, and mutually beneficial relationships not only to find greater results, but to have even greater enjoyment in our work. When we open up to others to connect, it takes us having comfort being visible and exposed.  Vulnerability is the new power. Here is where we learn to stand in our authenticity.

Centering – to do all the above, it takes centering ourselves.  Getting into a place of silence, into our breath, into gravity (weight) allows us to feel unwavering in our purpose.

In the words of Frank Sinatra:  Do Be Do Be Do Be Do Be Do

Can’t DO without the BE.

This Make It Work work is our work at hand. Putting aside the right amount of time, effort and energy to meet this will create great pay off. Getting coaching can help too.

Note: The artwork is from a poster by William Muller of Big Wheel Press in Easthampton, MA. Purchased at Salmon Falls Artisan’s Gallery in Shelbourne Falls, MA

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