World Cup 2014 – and Our Presence of Mind

imageWorld Cup 2014 July 1

Argentina v Switzerland – The Knock-out Round

The  first half – A fast paced game with equal possession. Many shots on goal by both teams.  The ball is skillfully moved by Argentina up the field to the Swiss goal. Lots of expert passes.

DiMaria receives the ball and shoots.

Commentator: “DiMaria has already decided what he will do. He’s opened up his body. He is ready to receive and knows what he will do next. “

It’s with this presence of mind, this level of understanding, recognizing the patterns, and preparation of the physical that will get us to meet the challenges of our daily  “championship matches”.

Our moments of truth in our work carries a fast pace and requires the presence of mind of a World Cup futbol star player.

Anticipate your next move with a high sense of awareness.

(Angel DiMaria plays for Real Madrid during the club season)

This just in!  DiMaria scores the winning goal in extra time to advance Argentina to the Quarterfinals of the World Cup 2014.



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